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I want to be the very best…. Life Coach!

Me trying to Catch a Pidgey in front my girlfriend.

Me trying to Catch a Pidgey in front my girlfriend.

Everyone is buying into the Pokemon Go phenomenon of the past few days — myself included. When it launched last Saturday, I found myself stopping my vehicle (sorry developers, I ignored the fair warning of not using the app while driving) on a busy street beside the Manggahan floodway river, to catch a Magikarp. Three Pokeballs thrown later and I’m feeling pretty proud of myself for the small achievement. That’s natural, when we set goals on something, and we achieve it, then you can’t help but feel a bit excited and joyful. In my new work now, I can’t help but feel the same sense of happiness and accomplishment.

Last March 2016, after more than 8 years, I left the Video Production world. For a long time, you’ve seen me post a lot of entries about making videos, selfies with celebrities, or just about plainly having fun with fellow artists. It was a fun and unpredictable life. I did a lot of amazing jobs, and met a bunch of more amazing people. I left with such a heavy heart, but also with a lot of hope as I went into a new field.



My sindikato family x Bhiboy’s Bday last November


I left to pursue something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time — Life Coaching. For those of you that didn’t know, I was a Psychology major in College, and I’ve always had an insatiable interest in people, and in how people work (or not work) together. Most of you are probably wondering at this point what a life coach does, I’m guessing. Well, it’s very hard to answer that question. I mean, how the heck can someone teach life right? How can someone else tell you how to live your life, and why would you listen to them? I know, it’s a challenge, maybe some of your are skeptical. But to tell you the truth, based on my research, it’s a career that’s been helping a lot of people for quite some time now; which is something I’ve always wanted to do — help people. Call it cheesy at best, but I always feel happiest when I know I’ve helped someone in some way. Role Models include Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Malcolm Gladwell, Nick Vujicic, Bo Sanchez, the list goes on. These people are awesome speakers, and someday, I hope I can be able to move people the way they have.

I’ve always been the helper type, I think. Or maybe more of the entertainer kind. Or maybe a little bit of both. I’m the kind of guy who brings funny stories to an inuman. I’m the kind of guy who likes making fun of myself and my friends (sorry guys). I’m a guy who likes trying to find the positive side to things especially when they’re at their worst. I’m a guy who likes to laugh. I’m a guy who likes to find things to laugh at.

So anyway, life coaching.

Basically, it’s about helping someone reach their highest version by teaching them concepts that enable them to make more choices for themselves. That’s a key concept in what I’m trying to teach — CHOICES. Reminding people that they do have choices, even when their contexts seem like they don’t. It’s about listening to people, and throwing ideas with them and hopefully find a way where they can discover something that will make their life more complete. When people feel down about their lives, more often than not, it’s because it’s incomplete, they’re missing something, or it’s already there, but they don’t completely see or grasp it. That’s how Life Coaches make life better, by helping the clients make choices that complete the puzzle.

Life Coaching borrows from so many fields, most of which, I’ve had the privilege of becoming part of — fields like Psychology, Anthropology, Mass Communication, Economics and Finance, and the Arts. There is no one way to do Life Coaching, and every person you get to talk to is a unique individual. Maybe that’s one of the prime mistakes that one can make in this new field, treating people as a solved previous case.

I’m learning how to be a life coach now. I do it while training people. Perfect match. I was fortunate enough to become part of an awesome Training company, World Stage International Network, a breakthrough and change company. We basically offer corporate trainings on leadership, personal development, peak performance, etc. Maybe you can also call it destiny, the way I joined them.


Me teaching a module on the learning ladder at one of our recent seminars

After all of the difficulties I experienced last year, I was already thinking of leaving my job in Sindikato Productions. I wanted to spend more time with my mom, and have a more regular job with a more fixed schedule. That’s one of the challenges of being in productions, time is always slipping through your fingers. World Stage gives me that. It’s a regular 8-5 office, and I have a more fixed schedule. With sort of the same variables that I loved in Productions — meeting people, communicating with them, creating something, to name a few.

But one major difference that I’m experiencing now in Life Coaching is that I am being guided by a mentor, the wonderful Coach Cherry Africa (she’s one of the most sought out transformation coaches in Asia). I met her purely by coincidence during the time that I thought of leaving productions. Sure, I had a few production and theater teachers here and there when I was learning how to make videos. They’ve all been influential and inspiring, but working everyday for a training company and a life coach, and getting to talk to my mentor, I am learning so much more. Coach Cherry has been like a guiding mother to me (not because of age ha), but because of the constant advice she has been giving me. She explains to me concepts, and I get to see her do her thing and change lives. Working for her, I get a front row seat to seeing faces light up, to seeing transformations happen in people. She is such an role model in all aspects of her life. I am very privileged to work with her, and to be just around her. During the day, I get to ambush her and ask her questions about how to help people consistently, and I guess that’s really something that’s very important. As an artist, I’m used to being alone and thinking creatively, and learning on my own, but having a wonderful mentor to follow is a great, if not essential step towards becoming better. And maybe, someday, becoming the very best.


My mentor, the lovely and awesome Coach Cherry Africa

And I can’t thank enough also the awesome people that I share my time and talents with everyday at World Stage: Coach B, the hot momma that keeps us in check. Alyssa, the ever so game daredevil that fixes our systems. Inna, the quietly meticulous teacher/facilitator that makes sure our trainings go smoothly. Coryn, our wonderfully talented graphic artist that always livens up our day with her boisterous and genuine laugh. Ysa, the kind-hearted and hardworking cutie pie who helps organize us behind the scenes. The passionate and energetic Jabar, who never fails to teach us new things. Alex, my amazingly reliable teammate who entertains us with his wit and his sharp attitude. And my brother from another mother, the generous Gene who is always game to help everyone, providing us with our everyday dose of Tito jokes. This is our team, and let me tell you, it’s been a wonderful journey. Almost 6 months into this, and I’ve always gone home from work with a big grin on my face, and an even bigger smile of gratitude in my heart.

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My World Stage Family

Why did I choose this life coaching life?

To be honest, my life has been a rollercoaster ride. Sure, most people would say I have it good, and I’d agree with them. I’ve been so blessed with so many things other than money. I’ve had an awesome set of family and friends, good health, and a good head on my shoulders. But truth be told, in the almost three decades I’ve been alive, I’ve had my share of ups and downs. I’ve had difficulties with my career, with relationships, with money, with self-fulfillment.

(I’m not gonna make this overly dramatic, I mean, despite the difficulties, I’ve had a lot of euphoric moments.)

But there have been so many trying times. Imagine, I was a psych major, and I ended up pursuing the arts because of a change of heart. I know I’ve been a headache to my family and friends on certain occasions. I’ve had my heart broken maybe more than most people have. There were times where I didn’t want to get up because I really didn’t know who I was anymore. It was like being on a tightrope balancing act, and falling didn’t seem bad at all because I was juggling too many things and even more thoughts in my head. I constantly questioned my presence and my importance. I ate and breathed insecurities on a daily basis. I would look in the mirror and see a fat, sad, unimportant person. I’m glad that that phase of my life is over. This isn’t the case today.

I see so many of my friends doing so well in life, and I’m disappointed in myself. People are finding their place in the world, and here I was struggling to take a first step. There have been so many thoughts of just leaving, running away to that far away place — in the words of Shakespeare ” the undiscover’d country from whose bourn no traveller returns”.

But I’m still here. I am a semicolon (fist bump to the people who knows what being a semicolon means).

And I’m glad that I can say that today. That I can say it everyday.


I am still “to be-ing”.




me at a gig last year












Now, I want to share that victory I get everyday I am still here. I want to share that with people. When my life coaching clients (actually, they’re not clients, they’re friends) confide their problems with me, I feel an immense sense of happiness, because I get an opportunity to help them. When I was in bad shape, I people helped me too. And I can never be thankful enough for this chance to still “to be” here.

Most people think that they are broken. But the truth is, nobody is born broken. Nobody progresses everyday and becomes more broken everyday. Nobody. I want everybody to know this. I want you to understand this. In 2009, I lost one of my closest friends to suicide. I never want anybody to go through this again. Actually, a bunch of people already talked to me about taking their own lives — for a multitude of reasons. I’m glad that these people are still here. I hope I can help more people like that to still want to be here.

I feel like this is my purpose. I have been doing so for years, informally, giving advice to both younger and older friends. Which most of us do for our friends. But I want to help on a bigger level. On a more educated level. I mean, even before college, I think I’ve always been an encourager. I like being behind people and pushing them forward. Training them to help them be their best.


When my dad and my sister passed on last year, I guess, this is my biggest take away: Life is such a blessing. I miss them everyday. And as tribute to them, this is what I’ve decided to do. Life coaching. To keep showing everyone that life is a blessing. This is how I honor my dad, my sister, my mom, my friends, my girlfriend. This is how I honor me. This is my rightful place, and I would not want it any other way.

Much like Ash, Brock and Misty, I’m still learning everyday. I understand that. And I’m ready to get on that adventure. I will need all your help. You teach me and I’ll teach you. Let us let “our courage will pull us through.” I might not be your best friend, but I will be your life coach, and your world, I will defend.

So if you need someone to talk to, just shoot me a message.


Tara. Usap tayo. Apags Out. 🙂



photo by the wonderful Bryant Garduque

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